It's Friday! Let's get silly.

by Nina Myers McCammon

Happy Weekend! This week was seriously intense and exhausting at times, do you agree? To lighten the mood, here are some American designers who are totally nailing humor.

Handmade in Denver, Colorado

This apron manages to channel both Michael Jackson and my husband's grandmother's kitchen in equal parts, which is no small feat. You have to check out the rest of Jennifer's collection. She has "kiss my grits" tea towels, "gimme some sugar" toddler T's, and a series of dinosaurs wearing party hats screened onto baby onesies. Definitely worth a look.

The Coin Laundry  apron , $24

The Coin Laundry apron, $24

Handmade in Albany, Oregon

Speaking of onesies...this one, by Oh Little Rabbit needs no introduction. "It's a major award!"

Oh Little Rabbit  onesie , $18

Oh Little Rabbit onesie, $18

Made in Brooklyn, New York

Only the cutest card I've ever seen. Makes me want to book a week in a Maine lakehouse immediately.

Gold Teeth Brooklyn  card , $5

Gold Teeth Brooklyn card, $5

Made in New York, New York

Hallmark they ain't. These greeting cards-with-an-edge are meant for your closest friends only. You know, the ones who "get it." 'Cause let's be honest: there are plenty of people who would not grasp and/or appreciate the below sentiment. And that's why they're not your closest friends. ;)

Nerdlet  card,  $5.50

Nerdlet card, $5.50

Made in Houston, Texas

A good reminder for all of us, really. Especially those of us toting around bouquets of sharpened pencils.

Carbon Crusader  pencils , $8 set

Carbon Crusader pencils, $8 set

Made in Hudson, New York

If your guy wears dress shirts on a daily basis, chances are, he works in a pretty competitive field, which is why he desperately needs a little wink under his collar.

Set Editions  collar stays , $16 for 10

Set Editions collar stays, $16 for 10