Going Off-Registry: Wedding Gift Ideas From Lindsay Emery of Suite One Studio

by Nina Myers McCammon

Suite One Studio ceramics, clockwise from top left: Nesting bowls with cobalt brushtroke, $140; Cake stand in white, $110; ; Burlap tray with gold stripe, $66; Lace dessert plates (set of 2), $55

Photo of Lindsay Emery by Laurey W. Glenn

Before we got married, I always thought it was too risky to go off-registry, but ironically, some of the most memorable gifts my husband and I received were a surprise: My mom's childhood friend Alisa gave us a signed chocolate brown pitcher from LA artist Luna Garcia, and my sister had the map from our wedding invitation mounted and framed; it's hung in our living room ever since.

I think the key to going off-registry is to either do something totally sentimental (decoupaged wedding invitations, for example), or sticking as close to the couple's style as possible, and picking out something that feels special but that won't sit in a cabinet collecting dust. (If you're not entirely sure what their style is, refer to their registry.) One artist in particular that is nailing this idea of "special practicality" is Greensboro, North Carolina-based ceramicist Lindsay Emery of Suite One Studio, whose mission of "making mealtime more beautiful" is evident in all of her designs. Her tableware is made entirely by hand and it's all topped with bright, cheerful, handmade glazes. I've invited Lindsay to share with readers what she thinks would make the best wedding gifts from her collection. Thanks so much, Lindsay! I've also added a few to the top that caught my eye.

"One of my favorite wedding gifts year-round is a large serving bowl. I love giving it because it's inherently functional no matter what the couple already has in their home or on their registry. It's also unique and bold enough to serve as a decorative element on the counter or dining table, even when it's empty. It's an item that the couple can immediately put to use in their home, and a piece that I imagine will sit at the table with close friends and family for years and years to come."

"The juicers are also a big hit, and I've seen clients write the sweetest notes for their wedded recipients about learning to make lemonade together when life hands them those eventual lemons. Pretty sweet, right?"