On the Road with: Kelly & Brendan of West Falls

by Nina Myers McCammon

For those of us who aren't on an epically enviable road trip crisscrossing the country in a restored 1984 VW camper van like West Falls' Kelly Shea and Brendan Banks (yesterday's interview here), I thought it would be fun to live vicariously through them for just a moment or two each Friday morning. They'll check in and tell us where they were, who they met, what they ate, and where they're headed next, accompanied by gorgeous photography, of course. A "week in review" of sorts. Today's entry takes us to Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Can you handle that view? You can almost smell the mountain air. Almost. Can't wait to see where the wind carries them next!

Photo courtesy of West Falls Studio

Travel Log for the Week of August 4th, 2014
By Kelly Shea & Brendan Banks of West Falls

Where we were...
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

What we ate...
We've got breakfast down to a science. I grind up and brew our Jack's Coffee in the camping french press and Brendan gets the eggs, bacon, and toast going. The camp store at Colter Bay in the Tetons has a griddle. Pretty psyched to be able to cook everything at once and only have one pan to clean! We've been cooking with coconut oil, giving a healthier and slightly tropical taste to meals. I generally have round two of breakfast with oatmeal, almond butter, and a banana.  

Brendan is a master at campfire cooking. Give the man a pair of tongs, some hot coals and a hunk of meat and there's no chance of disappointment. The first night we had mesquite chicken, corn on the cob, and grilled peppers (a little charred from negligence.)

What we saw.
The most amazing mountain range we've ever witnessed (AKA the Grand Tetons). A sunrise hike brought us to the edge of Jackson Lake with no one else in sight.  

Who we met.
Three older gentlemen with all manner of gray hair came up and complimented us on the shape of our van in the parking lot. We were advised by the pony-tailed, fellow VW owner that we could sell our hubcaps for $40 per piece if we were ever in a pinch...good to know!

On the radio.
Vance Joy, Miner, and This American Life episode #505: Use Only as Directed

Van start time.
7:00 p.m.

Where to next?
Jackson Hole, Wyoming 

Life lesson.
Sunrises aren't always sunny, but multi-mile hikes at dawn give you a unique perspective on a place.