On the Road with West Falls: Seattle, Washington

by Nina Myers McCammon

Kelly Shea and Brendan Banks of West Falls, a creative studio on wheels, are crisscrossing the country in a restored 1984 VW camper van until approximately Thanksgiving and sharing a weekly diary and gorgeous photography with 50 States of Style readers.

Kelly and Brendan had an absolute blast in Seattle! Much to their surprise and delight, they were able to enjoy the metropolis's spectacular scenery from the upper deck of a ferry since Seattle is surrounded by so much natural beauty. They dined on killer fish tacos, caught some live music, hung out with the band, and combated homesickness by catching up with old friends from NYC. A full few days! Hope you all had a great week, too. Enjoy the weekend. x

Photo by West Falls Studio

What we saw...
Driving the van onto the Southworth Ferry, we parked and climbed the stairs to the upper deck. As former New Yorkers, we could not believe the natural beauty that surrounded the Seattle Metropolis.  With the Space Needle in sight, you can sit on the beach with evergreen-lined islands filling the view.  Just moments from the thriving downtown buzz, you can see Mount Rainier's snowy tip.

What we ate...
With the sun setting in beautiful shades of yellow over the water on our ferry ride to West Seattle, we knew our first meal in the city had to be eaten where we could watch it set.  We looked on the map and found a place as close to the coast as we could get.  Our navigating took us to Cactus, a southwestern Mexican spot with killer fish tacos, margaritas with a spicy kick, and a view that would have satisfied our appetites.

Photo by West Falls Studio

Who we met...
Two friends from NYC who recently relocated to Seattle by following their dreams for a different lifestyle and a new adventure.  We had breakfast together, got a special "locals" tour of a few key spots, and reminisced over times spent in the Big Apple.  Hours later, we pulled up alongside a band's tour bus and were given a protected (and free!) parking spot by our friends' very gracious tour manager -- we were there to see some friends play a concert that evening.

On the radio...
This American Life #231 : Time to Save the World

Van start time...
12:00 p.m.

Photo by West Falls Studio

Where to next?
Olympic Peninsula, Washington

Life lessons...
Speaking with old friends in new places pulls at a very particular part of you.  With our friends, we talked about not riding the subway, having more space, and being more excited for adventures.  With the band, we talked about the van, living on the road, and leaving jobs behind.  In a way we are all similar; they had all left a life called "normal" to more onward to the next adventure.  Each adventure pushes and challenges you to be a better you, but sometimes all you need to feel at home in a foreign place is a familiar face.