Fall Wish List: Cozy, Timeless, Minimalist

by Nina Myers McCammon

Credits clockwise from top left: Tradlands shirt, Objects Without Meaning sweater, Current Elliott jeans, Is Was + Will Be bracelet, Flint & Tinder socks, Pierrepont Hicks boots, , Ebbets Field Flannels for J Crew cap, Wayward Projects tote, Weiss Watch Co. watch.

It's pretty amazing how basic my daily "uniform" has become since moving to the subtry (suburbs + country): jeans and button downs, and on a colder day, I'll throw a sweater into the mix. I'm sporting that exact outfit today (minus the sweater) and I'm sure I'll be wearing a different version of it tomorrow. This shift in dressing is partly a function of working from home, and partly out of necessity since I chase after an exuberant little boy for so much of the day. Even though I don't have to get dressed up daily, I really do believe casual comfort can look polished, and I've tried to slow my consumption of fast fashion in order to embrace a more minimal wardrobe—and also one that I value.

With each passing season, I find myself turning my attention to pieces with lasting power that I look forward to wearing; ones that won't be replaced on my next shopping trip. Also, it feels good to support independent designers and retailers, which Robin Reetz of Second Floor Flat pointed out in a post last week. She writes:

"It's a cliche at this point, but there really is something to say about the feeling you get from purchasing something from a favorite designer found online or that independent card shop down the street. It's the connection, and the feeling that you're doing something good for someone who will appreciate the help."

Robin's an American expat living in London and I've admired her minimal approach to fashion for quite some time. She always looks beautifully pulled together. Her outfits reflect thoughtful choices and I see some of the same pieces being mixed in time and time again in new ways. It's inspiring.

The American-made goods I selected for this post feel special and of-the-moment, and I'm confident of their timelessness. x